"Impressive. Do I have the honor of addressing the Emperor's Hand?"
―Caaldra taunts Mara Jade[src]

Caaldra was a Human male mercenary as of 0.5 ABY. He was extremely average in build and appearances and had a bland face, but was a capable fighter.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Caaldra worked on recruiting for BloodScar out of the Shelsha sector. He handled all the military aspects of Governor Barshnis Choard's plan to seize control of the Shelsha sector. He recruited swoop gangs, pirates, smugglers and other members of the Fringe to his side. He also reported to the governor's palace on major events, including the actions of the Hand of Judgment. He used the pirates and swoop gangs to seize military supplies to use in defeating the garrison forces in the sector, particularly E-Web repeaters. These thefts culimated in attacking the Happer's Way and its cargo of 50 AT-STs, which he was going to use to take over the larger Imperial garrisons. This theft was foiled by Mara Jade, who then visited the Bloodscar's pirate base as a ship thief. Caaldra discovered her, but she escaped the base as it was bombarded by Captain Ozzel with the Star Destroyer Reprisal. Caaldra also escaped, stealing back the Happer's way and going to Shelkonwa in it. Jade pursued him there, but was distracted by an AT-ST that Caaldra had set to autopilot. Mara Jade, assisted by the Hand of Judgment, broke into the governor's palace to arrest Choard, and there she fought Caaldra, escaping from one of the traps he built to protect the palace, and in the end killed him.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Caaldra was a cunning tactician and was also a good warrior. When sensing him and a group of his people with the Force, Mara Jade noticed that he stuck out as having more combat skill than just a simple killer like the people he hired. Caaldra also was a master at building traps and protection, doing so at at least one BloodScar base- the one Mara Jade infiltrated- and the palace on Shelkowna. His traps largely consisted of the use of fire and flammable substances, including a room which filled with a highly flammable liquid which pooled outside the door so he could light it from outside. He also used Nouland flares to protect the governor's palace. He noticed, when Choard did not, that Disra was essentially running their rebellion, but did not know Disra was doing so to set Choard up to be arrested.

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