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"Well back before I was born, right after the Clone Wars, the world of Caamas was brutally attacked and hit with enough firepower that the vegetation boiled off the world, leaving it a dead rock, and the vast majority of the Caamasi dead with it. Because of the thoroughness and sheer ferocity of the attack, no one knew who had ordered it or carried it out. And no one knew why it had been carried out."
Corran Horn[5]

The Caamas Firestorm,[6] also known as the destruction of Caamas,[3] was a vicious attack on the planet Caamas perpetrated by the Galactic Empire around 18 BBY.


"The dark battle fleet gathered over Caamas..."
―The Old Recluse[3]

Due to their free-thinking ways and adherence to the Galactic Republic, the Caamasi were perceived by Emperor Palpatine as a threat to his rule, and he orchestrated a plan to wipe them out.[3]

The event[]

"Mysterious Disaster Strikes Caamas"
―Newsreport on the incident[2]

Enlisting the aid of Bothan operatives on the ground, Palpatine had Caamas's planetary shields switched off,[3] subjecting the world to a fiery bombardment from Star Destroyers.[7]

The attack led to firestorms that lasted for years, finishing off the remaining plant life that survived the initial devastation. Surviving animal life was slowly killed off due to starvation or asphyxiation. Most of the Caamasi population were killed in the attack, with an estimated 200 survivors left alive after the bombardment.[3]

Caamas before the bombardment.


"The outrage at the time was certainly widespread enough. Worse even than when your own Alderaan was destroyed."
Talon Karrde to Leia Organa Solo[3]

Due to the loss of all plant life, the planet experienced heavy erosion which changed the surface features. Soot and smoke filled the atmosphere, altering the planet's climate, and the oceans became polluted from runoff. Breath masks became mandatory for any visitors to the world who planned on staying outdoors for longer periods of time.[8]

An extensive outrage in the galaxy followed the attack, due to the severity of the crime. Caamasi refugees found temporary homes on planets such as Alderaan, Kerilt, and Susevfi.[5] Alderaan was noted as having a large collection of information on the attack in its royal library.

Years afterwards, the group responsible remained unknown. Imperial propaganda stated that a wayward cluster of high-yield actinium bombs originating with the CIS had detonated on the planet.[2] The Galactic Empire's guilt and the aid given by the Bothans was eventually uncovered. This fact came to a head with the Caamas Document Crisis in 19 ABY.[3]



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