Caaried Away was a roleplaying-game adventure in year three of the Living Force campaign. It was the first adventure of the Metatheran Caution trilogy and was written by Morrie Mullins and edited by Margaret van Poelgeest-Heintz and Jae Walker.

Opening crawlEdit

It is a time of change in Cularin. Old ways are being pushed aside as new ways take their place. From the Jedi Academy on Almas to the cloud cities of Genarius to the mines of Tilnes—much has changed, and much more will change. Soon. The threats to Cularin have been many and varied, some appearing and then disappearing almost as soon as they emerge. Others maintain a peaceful façade—a façade that does little to ally the suspicions of Cularin's citizens. One group, though… a powerful group… has decided that is time to make its move…

Plot summaryEdit

In preparation for taking over the Cularin system, the Believers have begun to move against one of their potential competitors, the Metatheran Cartel. Having discovered that the Cartel never evacuated their secret Tilnes base, the Believers decide to test a bioengineered anti-Caarite virus on the installation there. After the virus had been released into the base's ventilation system for two weeks, the Believers sent in a party to investigate.

Meanwhile, a group of heroes is present on Tilnes when an EMP knocks out the base's facilities. When power returns, a contamination in the ventilation is detected, as is a distress signal coming from the secret Cartel base. The heroes decide to investigate after interrogating Nevan Khash, current manager of Verga Mer Mining Company, who was aware of the secret base. On entering the base, the heroes find stacks of deceased Caarite bodies, as well as a few fresh Human corpses. Searching through the base they encounter some mutated Caarite survivors which have slowly been eating the corpses to survive. Attacking the heroes out of desperation, the heroes manage to defeat the mutants, in the process discovering an undeployed sample of the virus that the Believers scout team had brought with them. Two members of that scout team had survived, and monitoring the heroes on the base's security system, they attempt to prevent the heroes from leaving and exposing their plot. The heroes manage to defeat them, and are met at the base exit by a decontamination team that is able to clean up the base and ensure the heroes are not affected by their exposure to the virus.


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