Sha Cabrool Nuum was the father of Norba Nuum and Rusk Nuum, and a crime lord on the planet of Smarteel. He was also an old friend of Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Primarily, Cabrool dealt in used spaceships, but he also dealt in slaves as well.



Jabba kills Cabrool Nuum.

When Jabba brought him Princess Nampi's converted Nuffin freighter to sell it to him, Jabba discovered that his old friend had gone insane in his old age and become paranoid that everyone in his household was a spy for his enemy Vu Chusker. He bought Nampi's ship from Jabba, but asked him to, as a favor, assassinate Vu Chusker for him. When Jabba refused, citing he was not Cabrool's henchman to order around, a furious Cabrool ordered Jabba thrown into the dungeon.

Although no one in his home was a spy for Chusker, Cabrool was right to be paranoid about someone being out to get him, as both of his children had their own plans to take over their father's criminal empire. Rusk released Jabba from his cell and told him about how his father had been going insane these past few years, and persuaded him to kill him in his sleep. That night, Jabba went into Cabrool's room while he slept and smothered him with his pillow. Cabrool fought back and called for two of his bodyguards, who, instead of assisting their boss, actually helped Jabba smother Cabrool.

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