"That's her. She killed the Jedi! And ruined my bar!"
―Cabuck misidentifies Verosha Aniseya as Mae-ho Aniseya[3]

Cabuck was the owner and bartender of Lomi Usqi Noodle Shop on the planet Ueda. In 132 BBY, he witnessed the assassin Mae-ho Aniseya enter the establishment and confront the Jedi Master Indara, remaining behind the bar as the pair then fought throughout the noodle shop. He eventually accidentally drew their attention by making a noise, causing Aniseya to throw a knife at him.

Indara used the Force to stop the knife before it could hit Cabuck, but this distraction then allowed Aniseya to throw another knife into the Jedi's chest, killing her. Aniseya then approached a surrendering Cabuck at the bar and prepared to attack him until she saw a child clinging onto the bartender's leg, after which she left him unharmed and exited the establishment.

While investigating the murder, the Jedi Order brought Cabuck to the Trade Federation freighter Fallon, where he misidentified Aniseya's twin sister, Verosha Aniseya, as the murderer.


Bartender bystander[]

Cabuck was the alien owner and bartender of the Lomi Usqi Noodle Shop, a rundown eatery located within the gate of a village on planet Ueda.[1] In 132 BBY,[4] he[2] was tending the bar when the assassin Mae-ho Aniseya entered the establishment in search of Jedi Master Indara.[3] As Aniseya surveyed the room, Cabuck eyed her with suspicion,[2] but went back to his work as Aniseya approached the table where Indara was sat with several other patrons.[3]

Intending to kill the Jedi, Aniseya demanded that Indara fight her, attacking the other patrons sat with her target when the Jedi refused. Cabuck remained behind the bar and watched as Aniseya subdued the other patrons, after which Indara engaged the assassin. As the eatery's customers fled, Cabuck remained half-crouched behind the bar, rearing back when Aniseya leap past him to the building's upper level. Indara pursued Aniseya and the pair continued fighting until Cabuck accidentalty drew their attention by making a noise from behind the counter.[3]

Witness to a murder[]

Cabuck looked up at the two combatants but did not flee and Aniseya looked back to Indara before hurling a throwing knife at the bartender's head. Indara used the Force to halt the blade in mid-air inches from Cabuck's face, but this distracted the Jedi and allowed Aniseya to throw another blade into Indara's chest, fatally wounding her. As the Jedi Master collapsed, the blade in front of Cabuck fell from the air to the counter, causing the alien to gasp. After watching Indara's final moments, Aniseya approached the bar as Cabuck backed away from her with his hands raised[3] submissively.[2]

Aniseya collected the blade she had thrown at Cabuck and then raised it to throw at the bartender, but paused upon hearing whimpering from beneath the bar. Both Aniseya and Cabuck looked down to a young alien child who clutched at the barkeeper's leg, and Cabuck slowly placed his hand upon the child's head. Aniseya then turned away and left the noodle shop, with Cabuck looking up to see her go before turning to tend to the child.[3]

A case of mistaken identity[]

"I'll know her when I see her."
―Cabuck, to Tasi Lowa[3]

During the Jedi Order's investigation of Indara's death, the Jedi mistakenly believed that Aniseya's identical twin, Verosha Aniseya, had committed the murder based on the assassin's physical description, as Mae-ho was believed to have perished years prior. Verosha was working as a meknek on the Trade Federation[3] freighter Fallon[5] and Jedi Knight Yord Fandar and his Padawan Tasi Lowa brought Cabuck onto the freighter in order to confirm the identification.[3]

After the Jedi confronted Verosha at her bunk, Lowa fetched Cabuck and brought him to her. The bartender immediately pointed to Verosha and declared her Indara's killer, also complaining that she had ruined his bar. The Jedi then arrested Verosha for the murder and transferred her to[3] the DTE-CSA-17 Calaboose prison ship Palwick,[6] to be taken to the planet Coruscant to face trial.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Cabuck had wideset[2] green eyes, brown skin,[3] and a chest-length beard[2] of graying brown hair. He did not flee from the fight in his eatery but surrendered[3] submissively[2] when Mae-ho approached. He later confidently mis-identified her identical twin as Mae-ho.[3]


Cabuck wore a black shirt and pants with a brown bandolier and apron.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Cabuck appeared in "Lost / Found,"[3] the first episode of the television series The Acolyte, which aired June 4, 2024 on Disney+.[7] Performance artist Liam Cook physically portrayed the character, who was credited only as "Ueda Barkeep."[3] Mike Quinn provided the on-set voice reference for Cabuck and controlled the character's lip-syncing while Colin Purves and Adrian Parish controlled the eyes and brows of Blex's mask.[8] The character was identified by an entry for the Lomi Usqi Noodle Shop in the Databank section of StarWars.com, which was released the day after the episode on June 5, 2024.[1]


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