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"Everyone is in a good mood today."
―Todo 360 sarcastically commenting the group's emotional states[6]

Cad Bane's group were a group of bounty hunters led by the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane from before 32 BBY, until at least 20 BBY. Although the group's members changed over time, the group was always made up of a variety of dangerous individuals, including bounty hunters such as Aurra Sing and Embo.


Working with Darth Maul[]

At some point before the Invasion of Naboo, Cad Bane, along with fellow bounty hunters Aurra Sing and Vorhdeilo intervened with the Sith Lord, Darth Maul's, brawl on Nar Shaddaa in Hutta Town. Bane and his compatriots then agreed to help him enter Xev Xrexus's Cartel's auction of Jedi Padawan Eldra Kaitis. Together, Maul, Bane and his group then stole a ship from the Haddrex Gang. They then met up with Troo-tril-tek, who was able to capture the protocol droid FE-B3 and force to reveal the auction's location. Together, they went to the Drazkel system. Bane, Maul, Sing, and Fee-Bee were then able to attend the auction.[2]

Bane, Maul and the rest of the group then came up with plan to take Kaitis from the highest bidder. After Jee Kra entered his bid, Bane and his group then took his gunship from his crew. Maul, Bane and his group then confronted Jee Kra and his remaining crew as they boarded their ship. They then allowed Maul to kill Kra and his crew himself. Maul, Bane, and his group then left, but their ship was rigged with explosives[7] and crash-landed on Drazkel's moon.[8]

Only, Maul, Bane, Sing, Vorhdeilo, and Kaitis survived the crash. When they saw Xrexus and her guests coming to hunt them down, Maul took Kaitis away while the rest of the crew formed up to battle the hunters. As Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo fought the Xrexus's guests, Maul dueled Kaitis.[8] Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo then planned to steal a ship from the Weequay pirates. After Bane and Sing took out the Trandoshans and the Weequays, they took the Weequay's ship. Bane then destroyed the other ships, rendezvousing with Sing and Vorhdeilo, and finally with Maul, who had killed Kaitis.[9]

Clone Wars[]

Work for Darth Sidious[]

In 21 BBY,[10] Bane was hired by Darth Sidious to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple's Holocron Vault on Coruscant. To carry out this job, Bane recruited the Clawdite Cato Parasitti to assist him. He also had his Techno-service droid Todo 360 accompany him on the job. Though Parasitti was captured and Todo destroyed, Bane was able to escape with a holocron.[6]

Work for the Hutts[]

Bane was then hired by Jabba the Hutt to acquire the plans for the Senate Building. For this job, Bane recruited the assassin droid HELIOS-3E and his newly rebuilt droid, Todo 360, to kidnap Senator Padmé Amidala's protocol droid, C-3PO and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker's astromech droid R2-D2. With assistance from J0-N0, Bane, Todo, and HELIOS-3E were able to retrieve the plans from the droids. Todo and HELIOS-3E then returned 3PO and R2 to resume their errands after their memories were wiped.[4]

Bane's group nearing the Senate Building

Bane, at the behest of Jabba and the Hutt Council,[4] was then hired to free Jabba's uncle Ziro from the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center. To free Ziro, Bane assembled his group, including Sing, Robonino, and Shahan Alama, and went to the Senate building. Bane and his group ruthlessly eliminated several Senate Guards at the landing platform before infiltrating the building, killing even more guards. Bane and his group then shut down power to the building and held several Senators hostage. After Chancellor Palpatine and Senator Orn Free Taa acceded to Bane's demand, HELIOS-3D, another IG droid, was sent to retrieve Taa and take custody of Ziro. Despite difficulty from Skywalker, Bane and his group were able to leave the building without the Coruscant Guard stopping them.[1]

Work for the Confederacy[]

In 20 BBY,[11] Bane was then hired by Count Dooku, to free his agent Moralo Eval from the Detention Center. However, Bane and Eval were then joined by another bounty Rako Hardeen, who was actually Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise.[5] At first, Bane and Eval tried to get rid of Hardeen, to no avail. After their encounter with Skywalker and his apprentice Tano,[12] Bane, Eval, and Hardeen were then able to meet up with Dooku on Serenno.[13]

There, Bane and several other bounty hunters underwent a test in the Box. Despite several of the bounty hunters losing their lives, Bane was then chosen by Dooku to lead the group of survivors, including Rako Hardeen, secretly Obi-Wan Kenobi in disguise, Embo, Twazzi, and Derrown, in kidnapping Chancellor Palpatine[13] during Naboo's Festival of Light in Theed. However, the plan was foiled when Kenobi revealed himself and helped detain the group alongside fellow Jedi Skywalker and Mace Windu.[14]


Member Bio
Shahan Alama.png Shahan Alama

Alama was a mercenary who worked under Bane[1] and the Hutt Council.[4]

Cad Bade Holocron FF.png Cad Bane
Bane was the de facto leader of his group. He acted under the orders of Darth Maul,[2] Darth Sidious,[6] the Grand Hutt Council[4] and Count Dooku.[5] At the end of his kidnapping attempt on Naboo, Bane and his group were captured by the Jedi.[14]
DerrownTheParwan-SWE.png Derrown

Derrown was mercenary who worked under Cad Bane and Count Dooku.[13] Due to his physiology, Derrown was able to assist in disabling a shield that protected the Supreme Chancellor during Bane's kidnapping attempt on Naboo.[14]

Embo-SWE.png Embo

Embo was a mercenary who worked under Bane and Count Dooku.[13] He attempted to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor on Naboo but was captured by the Jedi.[14]

Moralo Eval HS-SWE.png Moralo Eval

Eval was originally hired by Count Dooku to carry a kidnapping attempt of the Supreme Chancellor. He was freed by Bane[5] and was taken to Serrono. However, Dooku chose Bane to carry out the kidnapping of the Supreme Chancellor.[13] He and Bane were captured by the Jedi when their kidnapping failed.[14]

RakoHardeenHS-SWE.png Rako Hardeen

Hardeen was a marksman who worked under Bane and Count Dooku.[13] In truth, Hardeen was Master Kenobi who took on Hardeen's identity in order to stop the kidnapping.[5] He was able to capture Bane, Eval and stop Dooku from kidnapping the Chancellor.[14]

3D close-up.png HELIOS-3D

3D was a droid who worked under Bane. He ensured that Taa would allow the Coruscant Guard to free Ziro from the detention center. He also drove Bane and the group away from the Senate building.[1]

HELIOS-3E was a droid who worked with Bane. He helped acquire information on the senate building[4] and held several members of the senate hostage.[1]
CatoParasittiCardTrader.png Cato Parasitti
Parasitti was hired by Bane to infiltrate the Jedi Temple. She was captured by the Jedi.[6]
Robonino-SWCT.png Robonino
Robonino was a saboteur who worked for Bane. He helped disable the power at the senate building.[1]
AurraSing-TCW.jpg Aurra Sing
Sing worked with Bane as a sniper. She worked under orders from Darth Maul[2] and the Grand Hutt Council.[4]
Todo360DB-HH.png Todo 360
Todo was Bane's personal droid. He was given a security chip from Darth Sidious.[6] He also helped Bane acquire information on the Galactic Senate Building for the Hutt Council.[4]
Troo tril tek the sabetour.jpg Troo-tril-tek

Troo-tril-tek was saboteur who worked for Bane and Maul[2]

TwazziDetail-SWE.png Twazzi

Twazzi was acrobatic saboteur who worked with Bane.[13] She impersonated the Supreme Chancellor until she was exposed and captured by the Jedi.[14]

Vorhdeilo.png Vorhdeilo
Vorhdeilo worked alongside Bane. He was hired by Darth Maul[2]


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