"Cademimu Five is an industrial world used by the Republic as a weapons depot—the so-called "war chest of the Outer Rim.""
Darth Malgus[5]

Cademimu V, also simply referred to as Cademimu, was a planet in the Cademimu sector along the Celanon Spur.


"Cademimu Five = industrial ecumenopolis // Population = ten billion. Notable features = planetary missile batteries + ordnance stockpiles // Weaponry purpose = distribution to neighboring Republic systems in event of war."

Cademimu V was an ecumenopolis[5] located in the Cademimu sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[1] It was a major trade world located on the Celanon Spur hyperlane[2] and was heavily industrialized.[5] The planet was also known for its strong military tradition.[2]


"..the Republic entrusts Cademimu Five with missile stockpiles, but not financial support; the Senate asks me to prepare this world for war, then calls me corrupt! My fellow Cademimans, you've suffered these political games long enough. My duty as governor is to protect you--so as of today, I am declaring independence of the Republic and declaring its weapons our own."
―Governor Chornarov[3]

Cademimu V was first colonized as an obscure waypoint for military patrols. However, the population increased strongly with the discovery of the Celanon Spur and the planet evolved as a trade hub. Cademimu later acquired strategic importance and served as a major munitions depot for Galactic Republic forces. During the Great Galactic War, its missile stores were depleted twice but they were rebuilt larger after that. By the time of the Cold War it had earned the nickname "The War-Chest of the Outer Rim."[2]

Cademimu uprising

The Cademimu uprising.

During the Cold War, Cademimu's corrupt governor Chornarov took control of the planet with the help of the Mantellian Separatist Movement and declared the world independent. This event was not welcomed by the civilian population, leading to riots. Both the Republic and the Sith Empire then sent strike forces on Cademimu. The Republic sought to retake control of the missile defense system while the Empire tried to exploit the situation at the same time. During the fighting, Mantellian General Ortol was killed and Chornarov was removed from power.[3]

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Cademimu system had become a shadowport.[4]



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