"The Cadevons may not run the biggest protection racket on Burnin Konn, but they're smart."
―Riley speaks to her sibling about the family[src]

The Cadevon Family was a family of Rodians who ran a protection racket on the planet Burnin Konn during the Galactic Empire's Iron Blockade. At one time they employed the smuggler Riley, but after disagreeing with her over payment, the brothers Boorgo Cadevon and Duurgo Cadevon crushed one of the smuggler's legs. When Riley and her sibling later began associating with the criminal Trade Spine League, the Rodians became unhappy and tried to report them to the Empire; however, Imperial interference was blocked by the Ivax Syndicate, another criminal group that Riley and her sibling had begun working with. Riley's sibling then attacked the family, killing all of the Cadevons including Boorgo Cadevon and Duurgo Cadevon.[1]


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