"And I did it all because I thought that getting rid of Czerka meant getting rid of slavery. But this is just about you, isn't it? About having power for yourself."
―Cady, to Queen Fanry[src]

Cady was a human female slave to the Czerka Corporation and the royal attendant for Princess Fanry of Pijal. Cady assisted with Fanry's revolution against Czerka Corporation in exchange for her freedom and service to the monarchy, but later overthrew the recently-coronated queen when she learned that Fanry did not plan to free the other Czerka slaves revolting aboard the cruiser Leverage. After the failed revolution, Cady was allowed to choose a school to enroll in, picking a leadership academy on Alderaan.[1]

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Cady appears in the 2019 novel Master & Apprentice, written by Claudia Gray.


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