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"Caern Adan. Alliance–Excuse me. New Republic Intelligence."
―Caern Adan, to Yrica Quell[src]

Caern Adan was a male Balosar who served as an agent in both the intelligence branch of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and its successor in the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Concerned about the remaining Imperial remnants that sprung up after the Battle of Endor, Adan recruited Imperial defector Yrica Quell and several other pilots into a ragtag squadron of pilots codenamed Alphabet Squadron, with their main mission to track down the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing.


After Emperor Sheev Palpatine's death at the Battle of Endor, the absence of a clear successor caused a leadership vacuum at the top of the Empire's hierarchy. Several worlds and systems joined the Rebel Alliance which transitioned into the New Republic. However, even with this extra support, the New Republic military was spread thin and struggling to transition from a military rebellion to a government that protected its citizens. Adan, along with several cadres of the newly-christened New Republic Intelligence, believed that intelligence was the only thing that could hold the New Republic together. As such, Adan began to push for a greater role of New Republic Intelligence in the war's conduct, specifically identifying threats that the Senate did not consider an immediate priority.

Primarily among his concerns was the threat posed by the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, an elite unit of TIE fighter pilots commanded by Colonel Shakara Nuress which went by the name of 'Shadow Wing'. However, the military did not consider Shadow Wing a major priority, busy as it was trying to assert its control over the galaxy's major hyperlanes. To make matters worse for Adan's post-war ambitions for the intelligence service, Chancellor Mon Mothma had made no secret of her plans to demilitarize the New Republic once the war ended.

As such, Adan decided to form a group of intelligence officers that would track down and disable the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. He recruited former 204th pilot, Quell to join him.[1]

Adan was accompanied by a reprogrammed Imperial IT-0 droid on Traitor's Remorse.[1]


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