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"No, I was just coming down here to get some caf. Chances are, it's the last we'll have once we set down on Garqi. They grow plenty of the beans there, but never mastered the art of brewing it. At least, that was true two decades ago."
―Corran Horn[src]

The caf bean was grown on a plant native to Garqi, an agriworld in the Cassander sector. The bean grew plentifully on the Outer Rim world, and was harvested and exported to the Core Worlds as a luxury foodstuff; this cultivation was particularly encouraged following the Imperial annexation of the Cassander sector shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Garqi caf beans produced gourmet-quality caf,[1] a bitter, caffeinated beverage brewed with hot water[2] and ground beans.[3] According to the Jedi Knight Corran Horn,[4] who spent some time on the planet in 6 ABY,[5] the Garqians never mastered the art of brewing caf beans into decent caf,[4] despite hosting numerous tapcafes.[5]

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Author Michael Stackpole created caf beans for his novel The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide II: Ruin, published by Del Rey in 2000; however, he had previously mentioned the drink caf in several of his other novels.[6] The Garqi caf beans were later mentioned in Wizards of the Coast's Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, published in 2004.

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