"Uh... Cahhmakt! Here so soon? I wasn't expecting you for, uh... well, not now, anyway."

Cahhmakt was a Trandoshan pirate and captain of the slaver ship Red Eclipse. The slavemaster fought with a vibro double-blade with which he could be very deadly.

When the Ebon Hawk squatted on the landing pad of the Red Eclipse, Cahhmakt and several members of his crew angrily interrogated Quello, the dock controller, and then attempted to commandeer the Ebon Hawk. They also executed Ratrin Vhek, who claimed to have owned the freighter in the past, believing him to be a thief. However, the ship's then-current owner, Meetra Surik returned and was forced to fight off the thugs. When Surik reached Cahhmakt, she gave him the option of quitting his slaver ways, or she would be forced to slay him. A stubborn Trandoshan, he chose to fight her, and Surik struck him down aboard her ship.

This incident, among others, would draw the attention of high-ranking Exchange member Visquis, who later summoned Surik to a meeting in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

Behind the scenes

Alternate ending

During Surik's confrontation with Cahhmakt, the player has the option to force Cahhmakt and his crew to pledge their services to them. They will continue participating in the slave trade, but leave the crew of the Ebon Hawk alone. Tribute can then be collected from one of Cahhmakt's thugs in the Entertainment Promenade.

Whether Cahhmakt and his men are killed or spared during this event will not change Visquis's decision to ask Meetra Surik to meet him in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.


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