The Cal-class battleship was the final version of a warship type designed by the Kumauri Empire.[1]


Ships of the class were 3,000 meters long. They had an armament of turbolasers for ship-to-ship combat, but their prime weapon was a large mass-driver cannon mounted along the top of the hull.[1]

This was an orbital bombardment weapon, which was designed to pound its target with captured asteroids, or other suitable interplanetary flotsam. To collect ammunition for loading the prime weapon, Cal-class ships were also equipped with six tractor beam projectors.[1]


The Cal-class was the last, and most feared, development of the Kumauri Battleship lineage originally developed around 10,000 BBY by Vall Kumauri, but which was adopted by many fleets, including that of the Galactic Republic.[1]

The threat of the design was finally ended by the introduction of planetary shields, although at least one Cal-class warship, the Cal Ambre, remained spaceworthy during the Galactic Civil War, converted into a luxury deep-space casino.[1]


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