Cal Majjer was the owner of the Dry Goods Emporium in Hedrett. He was generally a grumpy old man, and was used to getting his own way. He employed young Caarites as stockboys, providing them with the work experience they would need to work for the Metatheran Cartel. He also employed Nyrkar the Wookiee as his food preservation specialist and dietary consultant. Although Nyrkar was an employee, Majjer called him "my Wookiee".

In 31 BBY, Nyrkar disappeared to join the Cularin resistance. Majjer then reported that several employees had disappeared, hoping that more people being missing would be more likely to get the Office of Peace and Security's attention. He felt it didn't matter if the rest of his employees went missing, as Nyrkar was the one that really counted, his disappearance setting the company back thousands of credits.


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