Caleb's hut was a small hut located on the planet Ambria that was home to the healer, Caleb. Darth Bane first traveled to Caleb's hut in 1000 BBY after he had been poisoned by Githany.[2] There, he forced Caleb to heal him by threatening to kill the man's daughter.[1] After healing Bane, Caleb forced his daughter to leave the planet forever and change her name so that Bane could never threaten her again,[2] and she eventually became the Princess of Doan.[3]

In 990 BBY, Bane and his apprentice, Darth Zannah, returned to Caleb's hut. Zannah was forced to strike a deal with Caleb to get him to heal her Master again, who was dying from wounds acquired during a recent duel with four Jedi. She was forced to send a message drone to the Jedi Order, informing them of a helpless Sith Lord currently on Ambria. However, Zannah then killed Caleb, drove her cousin, Darovit, insane with her sorcery, and hidden herself and Bane in a trapdoor in Caleb's hut. When a team of Jedi arrived, they were attacked by Darovit, who they quickly killed, believing him to be the Sith Lord to which the message referred.[4] Caleb was later honored, alongside the Jedi who Bane and Zannah had killed on Tython, on a monument in the Jedi Temple.[3]

In 980 BBY, Serra traveled to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant after a series of diplomatic incidents on Doan between the mining caste and the Doan Royal House; the most recent being a massacre in which a Jedi Knight, Medd Tandar, had been killed. There, she was shown the monument which mentioned her father's name. Believing that Bane had returned and killed her father, she hired an assassin to capture him and bring him to Doan, where she interrogated the Sith Lord in the Stone Prison. Serra's friend and bodyguard, Lucia, was disturbed by Serra's anger and freed Bane—who she had fought alongside in the Gloom Walkers during the New Sith Wars—although Lucia was soon after killed by Zannah. Serra then initiated the self-destruct sequence of the prison in an attempt to kill Bane and Zannah, before finding the dead body of her friend and fleeing to the hut on Ambria. There, Serra buried Lucia and realized the error of her ways; she realized that her father would never have wanted her to become so vengeful. Bane, however, along with his new apprentice, Darth Cognus—the assassin that Serra had hired to capture him—tracked Serra to Ambria and found her at Caleb's hut, where Cognus killed her.[3]

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