"Wait a minute. You're telling me every Sith Lord who's warring out here is related? You're all cousins?"
"No, not by any stretch. Not even all the human Sith Lords trace back to Vilia. But it is a big family."
―Kerra Holt and Arkadia Calimondra[src]
Calimondra family

Members of the Calimondra family during a holo-conference

The Calimondra family was a family of Force-sensitives during the New Sith Wars. Vilia Calimondra, a Sith Lord and the matriarch of the family, acquired many husbands, expanding her empire. She mothered seven children, each of whom claimed the right to be Vilia's sole heir. In 1066 BBY, Vilia initiated the Charge Matrica, a contest whose winner would be determined by which of Vilia's children could expand her empire the greatest. Vilia's empire expanded even farther; however, her children eventually went to war with one another. Chagras eventually defeated his rival siblings, but died suddenly in 1040 BBY. Vilia was left with several grandchildren, each claiming right to her legacy. Vilia initiated a Second Charge Matrica, but, again, Vilia's potential heirs descended into war with each other.

On occasion, the members of the Calimondra would meet holographically during an event known as The Bequest. During The Bequest, Vilia would dole out rewards for her grandchildren's efforts. One such bequest took place in 1032 BBY, shortly after the liquidation of the Bactranate and the annexation of the Dyarchy.


†=confirmed death as of 1032 BBY

Family treeEdit

               Vilia Calimondra--+--Several husbands
      |                          |                            |
   Chagras--+--Unknown female  Xelian--+--Unknown male  Five other children
            |                          |                      |
    +-------+-------+              +-------+          +-------+-------+-----------+
    |       |       |              |       |          |       |       |           |
 Arkadia Quillan Dromika         Odion   Daiman     Lioko Malakite Trevayne several children



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