"Dr. Batta is another of those individuals I would very much like to sway to our side rather than brand an enemy of the Alliance."
General Airen Cracken, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Callow Batta was a university teacher and a pirate.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Initially a Coruscant-born college professor of governmental and political history at the University of Sanbra, Batta kept the job for almost 20 years. A Wookiee friend gave him a Wartaki clay pipe that he since used to smoke.[1]

Due to his occasional anti-Imperial lectures, the Moff of Sanbra sector decided to put Batta on "indefinite leave" on 1 ABY, without giving any official reason.[1] His colleague at the University, Professor Tem Eliss, noticed that Batta's departure had caused an uproar at the campus that negatively affected Eliss' own work.[2] The balding professor, although a bit overweight, was still in good health, and considered it a chance to begin a new career.[1]

He decided to became a thief, pirate and smuggler with some unidentified partners that were believed to be other ex-academics. He raided two Galaxy Tours Cruisers (on Yuga 2 and Torch sector), and many other ships in the Alui Corridor. However, he was known to never have physically harmed any of his victims—and to provide fizzer-sweets to children.[1]

On 2 ABY, he had been last seen on De'etta system.[1]

Rebel General Airen Cracken wrote a report on Batta, specifying that he could perturb the Alliance's operations and trade. However, he noticed that it had not happen till that moment, and he specifically suggested Batta's recruitment to be used as a teacher for young Rebels.[1]

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