Calocour Heights was a marketing district in the Senate District of Coruscant's Galactic City. It was located between the Palace of the Republic, which was to the south, and the Senate Building. It was near Column Commons.

Calocour Heights was said to resemble a miniature Corporate Sector, filled with pushy survey-takers, free product samples floating on repulsorlift carts, and flashing, musical billboards. Some of the galaxy's most notorious and cut-throat marketing and communications companies set up their headquarters in the Heights, including SchaumAssoc and NullComm. Though cutting edge technology was easy to find on sale in the Heights, the area was infamous for its inflated prices.

When Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy, Calocour Heights was one of the areas destroyed in the battle. As Coruscant was terraformed to become Yuuzhan'tar, the area was razed, and the Heights were replaced by the Square of Hierarchy.



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