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A Senate cam droid

Cam droids, also called hovercams and holocam droids, were repulsorlift droids used as self-motivated recording devices. The proceedings of the Galactic Republic's Senate were constantly recorded by such droids.[1] The Hologlide J57 was a model of cam droid used on the planet Tatooine to record the Boonta Eve Classic podracing event.[2] Cam droids equipped with holocams were known as holocam droids, and were used in the New Republic Senate.[3] Cam droids were used during grav-ball matches on Lothal.[4]

During or after 34 ABY,[5] CAM was a cam droid who was a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts alongside the Safari droid SF-R3. They traveled the galaxy in a starship and learned about several species of wildlife. CAM broadcast footage of SF-R3's interactions with creatures[6] across the HoloNet and sent their findings back to the Society.[7] Another cam droid affiliated with the Society was CAM-E who was stationed on the Youngling Care Space Station alongside the Safari droid M1-RE, also known as Miree.[8] CAM-E recorded Miree as she cared for and studied several species of younglings, and CAM-E broadcasted footage[9] across the Holonet.[7]

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