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A Hologlide J57 cam droid

Cam droids, also known as hovercams, were repulsorlift droids, used as self-motivated recording devices. They were essentially artificially intelligent, self-directing holocameras.

Many cam droids were highly intelligent, such as the Holocam E, although others lacked all but minimal cognitive circuitry. Units such as the Senate cam droid could be programmed to favor certain political factions during recording and editing, while others, such as the journalist cam droid 3DVO, were able to seek out news stories on their own. The 3DVO had a repulsorlift engine, a central holocam, a communications array and multiple backup recorders. It was one of the most reliable cam droids on the market. Shortly after the battle of Yavin, a mobile 3DVO helped Luke Skywalker rescue the daughter of planetary potentate Lord Prepredenko.

Cam droids also captured sporting events like Podraces, each one assigned a racer to follow during the race, and their recordings would be transmitted to the public HoloNet or portable viewscreens.

Senate cam droids were normally equipped with multiple visual and audio transmitters. A wide-angle lens and a zoom function was normally given to senate cameras. This allowed them to capture panoramic views and the expressions of individual senators. These recordings could be sent live to public HoloNet, or to private onlooker boxes. Each one carried a central databank that could access and view any recording. The biggest downside to senate cams was that they were only as reliable as their programmers.

Hundreds of cam droids released at the Vinta Harvest Classic

Cam droids during Palpatine's tenure were known for giving Loyalist senators more face time. Later, senate recordings began to suddenly disappear from the archives of the droids, and some that were still intact had glaring gaps in them. Some people blamed them for the sudden deaths of Senators, such as Seti Ashgad, although Palpatine insisted that the timing was only coincidental.

Even though most were given to politicians, they were sold to the public for personal use. Most were just machines with very little droid intelligence. One of the best sellers to the public was called "Cammy." It was very bright and took on a motherly personality. A Cammy unit helped R2-D2 and C-3PO, who were in the Rebel Alliance, reprogram an assassin droid factory on Tatooine.

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