The Cambus Gale was Rebel agent Seth Cambriel's personal racing yacht. It was originally a pleasure craft, but was modified into a fairly able racing yacht. The Cambus Gale was an essential ingredient in a mission to retrieve lost medical supplies for the Rebellion that had been dropped into the ocean of Spira.


The Cambus Gale was a a modified V-53 Hydromancer multi-sailed yacht manufactured by Saltech. Originally a pleasure model, the vessel's owner, playboy multi-millionaire Seth Cambriel spent several years turning the Cambus Gale into a racing yacht by reshaping its hull, rerigging the sails, and upgrading the craft as much as possible. The yacht measured 23 meters, and required a crew of six to operate efficiently, although it could be manned by three if necessary. There was room for two passengers and 1 metric ton of cargo, and the yacht could reach speeds of 70 kilometers and hour. While Cambriel's modifications had made it into a decent racing yacht, it could not compete with the dedicated racing yachts off-world.[1]


During Seth Cambriel's years on Spira, he would often take the Cambus Gale sailing around Ataria Island. During the Galactic Civil War, he entered the yacht into the 345th annual Spira Regatta Open. Cambriel, an undercover Rebel spy, was helping a team of Rebel agents to retrieve vital supplies hidden in Spira's oceans. As the supplies were hidden in waters along the race route, only racing boats were allowed to enter the waters during the race. Due to the activities of the Rebel mission, the boat placed third last.[1]

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The Cambus Gale was owned by Seth Cambriel, a self-made multi-millionare playboy and Rebel Alliance spy.[1]


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