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Following a sneak attack on the Rebel Alliance's base on Tatooine by mercenaries, Tatooine saw an increase in aggressions by Tusken Raiders. After the rebels had reinforced their defenses, the rebel base was attacked by a group of Tusken Raiders who were eventually defeated. The Rebel Alliance decided to launch a campaign against the Tusken Raiders.[1]

The Alliance discovered that a moisture farm had been taken over by the Tuskens. The rebels launched an attack to drive the Tusken Raiders away from the farm, and eventually succeeded in defeating them. In the aftermath, rebel agent Saponza stated that he hoped that the farmers would rest in peace. After the Rebel Alliance built up their forces for continued operations, rebel scouts had received news that the village from with the Tusken Raiders had been operating from had been discovered. The rebels battled the Tusken Raiders and were able to defeat them.[1]

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