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The Cloud-Riders, a crew of rebels who sought to bring down the Galactic Empire, fought a series of campaigns against the Galactic Empire and the Five syndicates, including Crimson Dawn. Under the leadership of Enfys Nest, the rebels, riding into battle on swoops,[2] engaged in heists like the raid on Gargon[6] and the heist on Hovun IV. The Cloud-Riders also often encountered the gang led by the smuggler Tobias Beckett,[7] who himself often worked with Crimson Dawn. The Cloud-Riders secured a major victory during the showdown on Savareen, which occurred when the Cloud-Riders set their sights on securing a shipment of coaxium. The public leader of Crimson Dawn, Dryden Vos, was killed during the showdown, and a former Imperial corporal named Han Solo killed Becket.[2]



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