Camray eels were large snake-like predators native to Spira, which hunted primarily in the Shinkai Abyss. They had huge mouths with rows of sharp teeth. They used their long bodies to seize and crush prey.


The camray eel was a large marine predator in the oceans of the planet Spira. Capable of growing up to five meters in length, the eel possessed a muscular snake-like body that could crush prey. Its large head featured two eyes, a snout, and a huge mouth with sharp teeth. Fins started on the head and ran the entire length of the creature. The camray eel lived in the deepest parts of the planet's oceans known as the Shinkai Abyss, which at its lowest point was 150 meters deep, and rarely rose higher than 75 meters below sea level.[1]

Camray eels were solitary creatures, hunting sliverfish, which was their main source of food. Due to their enormous appetites, camray eels patrolled large hunting territories in search of food, and tended not to cluster in large groups. The eels slept in the sandy salt of the trench floor, and their skin coloration allowed them to blend in with the environment.[1]

Predatory and fearsome creatures, camray eels actively hunted and ate divers who ventured into their home territories. As a result, big-game hunters saw them as worthy prey, and camray eels were considered to be prized trophies as only the most skilled hunter would venture into its domain to kill it. However, the corpse of the camray eel produced a disgusting smell, necessitating its transportation to a taxidermist for preservation to be undertaken in a specialist storage tank filled with coolant chips.[1]


During the Galactic Civil War, a group of Rebels led by Seth Cambriel were on a mission to retrieve supplies that had been dropped in the ocean. They had to catch a Camray Eel and transport the supplies offplanet in the eel storage tank. Due to the terrible smell, Cambiel was positive that no one would look for them there.[1]


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