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"I have a camtono of Beskar waiting for you upon the delivery of the asset."
―"The Client," to "the Mandalorian" — (audio) Listen (file info)[4]

A camtono was a kind of security container for storing valuables. Notable users of camtonos included "the Client," Cobb Vanth, Willrow Hood and the Pyke Syndicate.



An open camtono with beskar

The camtono was a cylindrical box consisting of a fixed frame, three movable panels hinged at the bottom and locked shut at the top, and a "lid" part. That lid boasted control buttons and a rotary cylindric piece featuring a handle. Buttons disengaged the locks, causing the side panels to fall open and thus granting access to the contents.[1]

Camtonos could notably be used to store credits, explosives,[3] precious metals or spice. They could be easily transported by holding the handle,[1] although they were small enough to be tucked under the average humanoid's arm.[5]


"Mando, enjoy your rewards. Buy a camtono of spice."
―Greef Karga to "the Mandalorian"[1]

Willrow Hood carried a camtono in Cloud City.

A male human named Willrow Hood[6] was seen transporting a camtono under his arm at multiple points in his life,[7][8] including when Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian told the people of Cloud City to evacuate due to the Imperial threat.[9]

Shortly after the Battle of Endor and Imperial Military's withdrawal from Tatooine, the Mining Collective arrived in the small town of Mos Pelgo. As he escaped into desert, Sheriff Cobb Vanth stole a camtono from the collective. This contained a number of silicax oxalate crystals, which he used to buy a set of Mandalorian armor from Jawas, who stole the armor from Boba Fett. He then returned to Mos Pelgo and, using the armor, liberated the town.[2]

In around 9 ABY,[10] "the Client" hired the bounty hunter known as "the Mandalorian" to recover a child on the planet Arvala-7 in exchange for a camtono of beskar.[4] Having accomplished the mission, the Mandalorian received the beskar and transported it to his tribe's covert, where he provided the contents inside to the Armorer to forge a full cuirass. Later, when the Mandalorian expressed doubts about the ethics of the Client, Greef Karga, head of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, suggested that he should forget about it and buy himself a camtono of spice.[1]

The Pyke Syndicate used camtonos to store credits and explosives. One camtono with explosives was used to cause an explosion in the cantina Sanctuary.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"For those who know, they'll appreciate it. For those who don't it just looks like a cool Star Wars thing."
Jon Favreau, on the camtono's appearance in The Mandalorian[11]

Wilrow Hood's camtono prop was an unaltered ice-cream maker. This was noticed by fans, and the character apparently fleeing Cloud City clutching an ice-cream machine developed a humorous cult following.[12][13]

The word "camtono" may possibly be a reference to a viral video where an infant girl tries to pronounce ice-cream, but instead says "camtono."[14][15]



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