"We're an assault tank, not a boat!"
―A Canderous driver[2]

The Canderous-class assault tank was a heavy repulsor tank produced by MandalMotors and used by the Zann Consortium during the Galactic Civil War


The Canderous-class assault tank was produced by MandalMotors. It was named after famous Mandalorian Canderous Ordo. It was protected by armor that rivaled that of an Imperial walker. It was armed with two heavy mass-driver cannons and a concussion missile battery. Despite its weight, it could move in various places inaccessible to walkers.[1]


Two Canderous tanks protect a F9-TZ Transport.

Tanks of this kind were expensive and only the very rich could afford to have them in their arsenal. The crime lord Tyber Zann, head of the Zann Consortium, was known to have a number of Canderous-class tanks as part of his military forces.

Due to these tanks being heavily armored, they were more than capable of handling punishment, which was why they were equipped with a sensor control mechanism that tricked enemy vehicles into targeting the tank while the weaker forces would, temporarily, be free from harm. The tank was also equipped with an energy shield to deflect blaster attacks; this, added to the tank's inherently formidable armor, made it a force to be reckoned with.

In 44 ABY, these tanks were first used by Mandalorian commander Belok Rhal in the siege on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and in the suppression of the Octusi slave revolt on Blaudu Sextus.


A Canderous-class assault tank.


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