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"A candle will I light, for you to find your way home."
Yoda, to a young Dooku[src]

A candle was an archaic illumination source. Candles were made of meltable material, with a central wick which was lit to give light as it burned.[3] The light produced by a candle was dim and flickering.[4] To prevent extinguishment or excessive flickering, they were sometimes put into portable cases.[3] In 22 BBY, a band of Tusken Raiders kidnapped Shmi Skywalker Lars, mother of Jedi Anakin Skywalker, and kept her prisoner among their encampment. Skywalker eventually found his dying mother held within a hut illuminated by dozens of candles.[5]

Beyond their practical use, candles were also lit around graves and tombs in honor of the dead.[4] When a deceased Human citizen of Naboo could not be cremated in the vicinity of the Livet Tower, which contained an Eternal Flame, it was customary to place a lighted candle on their chest.[6] On the Tionese holiday of the Devouring, some people used to burning candles to ward away evil spirits.[7]

On festive occasions, candles were used to ornate various kinds of pastries.[8] They were also used to create a cosy atmosphere suitable for romantic dates.[2] Intimate[9] and formal dinners often used candles or candelabra to light the table.[10]

Like many ther mundane objects, candles could be turned into enchanted artifacts. The Ewok Logray, shaman of the Bright Tree Village, owned the Candle of Pure Light, a magical candle that never burned down and could summon Izrina, Queen of the Wisties.[11]



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