"Candoras is far from the mainstream of Imperial life and commerce, with a sector fleet consisting of four antiquated Dreadnoughts and some smaller ships, and limited resources of all sorts."
Carlist Rieekan[src]

Candoras sector was a Outer Rim sector in the galaxy, located near the Unknown Regions.


"Governor Ferrouz is offering a very intriguing deal: a full-fledged base for the Alliance, complete with logistical support, docking facilities, and one of the finest natural supply depots in the galaxy..."
Vestin Axlon[src]

Located near Wild Space and Unknown Regions, the Candoras sector was considered under the Galactic Republic as a bulwark against potential threats from both those areas.[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, it was overseen by Governor Bidor Ferrouz and defended by the Candoras Sector Fleet. In 0 ABY, Ferrouz contacted the Alliance to Restore the Republic to offer the Rebellion a base in the sector.[2]

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