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Halle Burtoni walked with a cane

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A cane was an object utilized to assist an individual in walking. They could also be a symbol of high rank or status.

Several well known beings in the galaxy made use of a cane, including Emperor Palpatine[1] and Jedi Master Yoda[2]. Halle Burtoni, an elderly female Senator from Kamino also made use of a cane to assist her movement in her old age.[3] Geonosian leader, Poggle the Lesser, walked with a cane known as the Staff of Command, which symbolized his authority as Archduke.[3] Baron Notluwiski Papanoida's cane seemed to serve as a symbol of affluence, as he was perfectly mobile with out it and did not require it to walk.[4][5]

While Master Yoda used a simple cane made from Gimer wood, other elderly Jedi fashioned their canes to serve a double purpose - both walking aide and lightsaber. The blind Veknoid Jedi Master Zao fashioned his walking cane to act as the hilt of his lightsaber.[6] Similarly, Tera Sinube, a male Cosian Jedi Master, created his lightsaber hilt as the detachable handle of his cane.[3][7]

The former Republic clone commando-turned-Mandalorian, Fi Skirata, disliked the idea of using a cane during his recovery from a traumatic brain injury. In lieu of a cane, Skirata's girlfriend Parja Bralor provided the wounded soldier with a traditional Mandalorian hunting spear known as a bevii'ragir to act as a walking stick, which he found to be more dignified than a cane or crutches.[8]

In 40 ABY during Second Galactic Civil War Lando Calrissian had a silver-tipped black cane.[9]



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