"I am gratified to see that my esteemed colleagues are coming, however late, to the realization that talk is not a suitable means of communicating with Palpatine."
―Canna Omonda on the Dissolution of the Imperial Senate[src]

Canna Omonda was a female Human senator of Chandrila and the Bormea sector after Mon Mothma was branded a traitor by Emperor Palpatine's New Order. Senator Omonda was a political firebrand who was public about her disdain for the Galactic Empire. After the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, she returned home to Chandrila, refusing the request of some senators to intercede on their behalf to Palpatine. For her vocal lashings of the Empire, Senator Omonda was arrested and tortured into giving false confessions of "crimes" against the Empire. She was to be publicly executed on Coruscant during the Emperor's festive new year celebrations, but her appearance was removed from the celebratory schedule and executed in private.

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