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"It's not like they killed her to eat her. It's how they dispose of their dead. They like to think they do their families some good after they're gone. It's rude not to tuck in."
"Cultural diversity's a wonderful thing. What do they do for desserts?"
Null ARC trooper A'den and Republic commando Fi, discussing the Marit's cannibalistic tradition[src]

Zanibar conducted a ritual that entailed the consumption of others.

Cannibalism was the term for when a sentient species, sometimes due to food shortages or famine, ate members of their own kind. The term was also used to describe individual or species who consumed members of other sentient species.

The Rakatan individual known as The One forced many species to revert to this practice. The insectoid Colicoids were known cannibals, eating off-worlders who landed on their homeworld and sometimes capturing vessels which passed too close. The reptilian Marits were traditionally cannibals, as well, though the Marits' only ate those who had already died, and did so as a means of disposing of the bodies in a way they deemed beneficial to the living.

Certain Hutts were known to eat their enemies, Jabba Desilijic Tiure among them.

The Zanibar under the employ of Grappa the Hutt[1] followed a religion which required[source?] ritualistic sacrifices and consumption of other sentients.[1]

Dezono Qua, a Human who lived during the rise of the Galactic Empire, was a known cannibal; he purchased slaves at market and had his droid cook them.

Bossk, a Trandoshan bounty hunter, had cannibalistic tendencies, as he, in addition to savoring Zanibar and Wookiees,[2] had devoured his siblings before they could hatch, as well as his own father later in life.[3]

Certain Human cannibals were known to roam throughout the cities and wilderness of the planet Tatooine.[4]



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