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A master hunter wearing a shoulder-mounted cannon.

"We cannot get past their cannons, sir."
"Cannons? This will never do. We must pull back and set up our deflector shields."
B1-Series battle droid and Whorm Loathsom — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

A cannon was a term used to describe powerful weapons that fired heavy projectiles or bursts of energy. Some were small enough to be carried by a person, while larger versions were mounted on vehicles and starships.


Clone Commander Cody firing a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon.

Cannons came in various sizes and levels of power. The blaster cannon included a portable, shoulder-fired version that was small enough to be carried and fired by a single person. Because of their design, battle droids could be built with powerful cannons that were integrated into their systems. Examples of these included the DSD1 dwarf spider droid, the LM-432 crab droid, and the droideka.

Other cannons were too large to be carried and needed to be mounted on a tripod or fired from a stationary position. The largest of these were used as ground emplacements or artillery. Examples of these included the air defense tower, the Gormak cannon, the Harnaidan defensive cannon, and the LR1K sonic cannon. Despite its size, the AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon was actually able to move due to its built-in repulsorlifts.

Powerful cannons were also mounted on vehicles and starships, such as ion cannons and laser cannons. One of the largest ion cannons ever constructed was the ion pulse cannon, which was used by the starship Malevolence. An immensely large laser cannon was the turbolaser, which was generally installed in banks on capital ships and space stations.

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