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Cantham House was the private estate of Bail Organa on Coruscant. A penthouse suite independent from the rest of its building, it contained a few bedrooms, a great room, and a crescent-shaped balcony that looked out on a wide swath of the cityscape. By either senatorial or royal standards, it was considered relatively modest.[3]

Toward the end of the Clone Wars, Organa and his fellow senators Mon Mothma and Padmé Amidala organised meetings there to discuss the structure of a future rebellion against Sheev Palpatine, then Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and later Emperor of the Galactic Empire.[1] During the reign of the Galactic Empire, after Mothma condemned Palpatine for his actions during the Ghorman Massacre, the Imperial Security Bureau arrived at Cantham House to interview Leia Organa and several other individuals due to suspicions the Bureau had about them.[4]



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