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"You know what I spend most of my time doing? Protecting special people. Making sure they get to do whatever weirdo escapades they want to do, without them getting hurt. That's what we do at CBPD! Make sure the special people and the beautiful people stay safe and happy and spending money."

The Canto Bight Police Department (CBPD) was the law enforcement of the casino city Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica.


The CBPD was broken into the Uniformed Branch and the Canto Bight Mounted Police (CBMP). The Uniformed Branch had the most public visibility, and served as a visible deterrent to petty crime and thievery. The CBMP operated lightweight GB-134 pursuit craft, also known as jet-sticks, to navigate the narrow roadways of the Old Town.[3]

The CBPD investigate a crime scene.

The CBPD was notoriously corrupt. Every law and regulation in the city was negotiable, depending on the wealth of the suspect or the accuser. As such, the CBPD was both a byproduct and aide in the city's tiered society, with the wealthiest having the greatest sense of security and immediate access to justice—a flexible concept in Canto Bight. As long as transgressions did not disturb the resort city's relaxing atmosphere, or cross any unspoken rules, much was ignored.[3] Not all officers were corrupt, however, as with Detectives Pol Ipol and Oosha Choi, who were actually honest, leading them to earn the reputation of "suckers".[4]

While the CBPD was corrupt, it was not ineffective. Public safety was taken very seriously, and the veneer of the coastal city was carefully and expensively maintained. Property crime was not tolerated, and offenses such as vandalism and littering were punished with greater severity on Cantonica than on most other planets.[3] Trials were held for offenders at the convince of the magistrate.[6]

Due to the ultra-wealthy environment CBPD officers operated in, hospitality training was included as part of CBPD academy curriculum, as keeping guests content was key to keeping them docile. Police were trained to subdue and arrest without resorting to lethal force, all in an effort to maintain the confidence and comfort of the public. The slightest injury suffered by a bystander or suspect could have costly legal and public-relations repercussions.[3] CBPD officers were well paid for their work.[6]


The Canto Bight Police Department served the city of Canto Bight, Cantonica, Corporate Sector.[3] Their jurisdiction included not only Cantonica, but also the world's moons.[4]

In 34 ABY, the CBPD briefly arrested and detained Finn and Rose Tico during their mission for the Resistance against the First Order shortly after the Hosnian Cataclysm. They later dealt with a rampage of Fathiers through the streets of the city after they were released from their pens at the Canto Bight racetrack.[7]


A Canto Bight policeman by the sea.

Police uniforms featured a betaplast armored collar for protection and a fineweave cape .[3] Rank was displayed on a pin attached to the collar of duty uniforms. Helmets featured a high-impact betaplast neck guard. Holographic department letters written in Aurebesh were attached to the front of officer helmets, and could reverse for rearview mirror legibility.[3]

Officers were well-equipped[6] with non-lethal weaponry and equipment. Weapons included the Relby K-25 blaster in its rifle configuration, the Relby K-25 blaster in its default configuration to serve as a sidearm, and a Relby K-25 blaster in its heavy configuration, which featured a long-range microscope and a noise suppression and range-extending barrel attachment. Such blaster weaponry was set to stun by default. Since weapons were prohibited in public areas, firefights in Canto Bight were rare.[3]

In addition to blasters, police carried electro-shock prods to disable targets with ease. They also had access to glow rods, which could double as a crude baton, and featured a multi-spectrum illuminator array for crime scene investigation. Officers carried a single short-range wrist comlink and scrambled long-range comlink on their belts.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The scene in which the Canto Bight Police Department arrests Finn and Rose Tico for committing parking violation 27B/6 is a reference to Terry Gilliam's 1985 film Brazil.[8]



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