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The Canto Bight police headquarters was a holding facility located in the coastal city of Canto Bight on Cantonica. It was home to the largest jail on the planet.[2]


In 34 ABY, during their search for Maz Kanata's associate Master Codebreaker in their attempt to help the Resistance to escape from the First Order's clutches, Finn, Rose Tico and BB-8 traveled to the Canto Casino at Canto Bight. Once there, Finn and Tico were incapacitated with stun blasts by the Canto Bight Police Department and hauled off to the Canto Bight Jail. After escaping from Dobbu Scay at the cities' casino, BB-8 went to the jail to rescue his friends.[3]

Once at the jail, Finn and Rose met a fellow prisoner named DJ, who offered them the chance to escape. As both Rebels were doubtful, DJ opened their cell door only to find at the hall that BB-8 had entered into the jail and had tied and gagged several officers. After Rose and Finn accepted DJ's deal, DJ, with the help of BB-8, managed to knock out the police officer who discovered what happened with his comrades and proceeded to escape from the jail to the Canto Bight racetrack.[3]



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