"All our greatest warrior has to do to convince Canu that we're telling the truth is to defeat one of their tribal champions."

Canu was a deity worshiped by the Coway race of the planet Mimban. The deity was responsible for passing judgments of worthiness through rites of physical combat and extending its hospitality and honor through the Coway people. The rulings interpretations, and adjudications of the deity were observed by a triumvirate of Coway Chieftains.

Luke Skywalker unwittingly participated in the Canu rites of martial prowess, when he and Princess Leia Organa encountered the Coway underground and killed several of their scouts. Canu's judgment, adjudicated by the tribe's three chiefs, required Luke Skywalker to engage in hand-to-hand combat, near a ritual pool, with the Coway tribe's best warrior. After Luke Skywalker defeated the Coway champion, the warrior approached Luke Skywalker and slapped him briskly across the face. Luke Skywalker was advised by his guide Halla that this was traditional protocol for these religious rites and informed him that he had to slap his defeated opponent to maintain the honor of both of them. Luke Skywalker returned the strong slap to his opponent's face and the Coway champion knelt before his superior, thus ending the duel and the religious rites. This greatly pleased the observing tribe and a celebration with a feast followed.

Later the Coway tribe was attacked by Imperial stormtroopers under the command of Darth Vader. The tribe saw combat with the Imperials as yet another test before Canu, and entered the conflict without thought of retreat, relying on Canu to properly adjudicate the outcome.



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