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Capin Harinar was a male human who served as a major and a materials analyst in the Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service division of the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the period leading up to the Battle of Yavin.


A male human, Capin Harinar joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire,[1] and served as a major under General Davits Draven in Rebel Alliance Intelligence Service. A materials analyst, Major Harinar helped plan countermeasures against the Empire by examining captured Imperial technology to assess the enemy's capabilities.[2] He was tasked by Airen Cracken to come up with possible configuration for a kyber crystal powered superweapon. He and his team determined that the Empire might try to scale up the Operation: Cinder weapon by using Project Celestial Power technology.[3]

Personality and traits[]

A light-skinned human male with dark eyes, Major Capin Harinar had a full, bushy beard of dark hair that turned white with advanced age. In the Alliance, Harinar wore a plain tan shirt under a white overcoat,[1] similar to the tactician's overcoat worn as an Alderaanian custom by General Jan Dodonna. As a materials analyst, Harinar spent his time examining Imperial technology to assess the Empire's capabilities and plan countermeasures with members of Alliance High Command.[2] Airen Cracken told Mon Mothma that Harinar was very adept at reverse-engineering captured Imperial technology.[3]



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