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Caprioril was a planet located in the Core Worlds, near Chandrila. It was the site of the infamous Caprioril Massacre.


Galactic Republic era[]

Caprioril was a mostly tranquil world known for its podraces and swoop races, although podraces were officially banned in 23 BBY.[3] Caprioril was the site of an infamous assassin droid tragedy, in which a droid slaughtered 20,000 Humanoids and aliens at a swoop arena in a massive explosion, including famous racer, Ignar Ominaz. The droid's goal was the assassination of Governor Amel Bakli. Famous swoop racers on Caprioril included Serji-X Arrogantus and Hodrix.

As of 22 BBY, Caprioril was governed by Proconsul Shren Whist.[3]

New Republic era[]

Mara Jade engages Lumiya on Caprioril.

"I was Merellis, a come-up flector for a swoop gang on Caprioril. That's where I was when a female cyborg found me."
Mara Jade to Tionne[4]

Sometime between the Battle of Endor and 9 ABY, Mara Jade briefly worked under the name Marellis as a Come-up flector for a Caprioril swoop gang.[5]

During this period, she encountered and dueled Lumiya, who was sent by Ysanne Isard on Caprioril to bring Jade back under Imperial service.[6] Caprioril was a member of the New Republic during that time.

Caprioril was named a sector capital by the New Republic.[7]

During the Emperor's reappearance in 10 ABY, the planet was besieged by the Empire.[7]

Around this time, historian Arhul Hextrophon survived an assassination attempt while visiting the planet.

Behind the scenes[]

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly names the planet "Caprionril."



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