Captain Phasma 3 is the third issue in the comic book miniseries Star Wars: Captain Phasma. The comic focused on Captain Phasma following the events of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. Captain Phasma 3 was written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Marco Checchetto, and published by Marvel Comics on October 4, 2017 under the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi publishing label.[1][2]

Publisher's summary[]

Plot summary[]

Book I, Part III
General Organa's Resistance forces launched a
direct attack on the First Order's most powerful
weapon, Starkiller Base, completely obliterating

A Resistance assault team forces Captain
Phasma to lower the base's defensive shields,
Captain Phasma deletes all records of her
transgression - only to discover that Lieutenant
Sol Rivas had accessed the files before her and
escaped on a stolen TIE fighter.

Commandeering a ship, Captain Phasma follows
Rivas to a strange planet on the edge of the
galaxy. Accompanied by First Order pilot
TN-3465, the pair scrounge disguises to hide
themselves among the local civilians. The hunt for
Rivas continues....

Following the Battle of Starkiller Base, Dar'en shows Captain Phasma and TN-3465 the island stronghold of the R'ora where Lieutenant Sol Rivas was taken. As the rain pours down, Phasma touches the water and finds it less salty than expected. When TN-3465 asks what that means, Phasma replies that it means a lot of things. Dar'en says they should depart because it is dangerous to be close to the water's edge. From Dar'en, Phasma learns that low tide comes at dawn and that the Tsw'ells dwelling in the lake only sleep in the early hours of the morning.

When TK-3465 wishes that their TIE/sf space superiority fighter's weapons were still functional, Phasma says they have to find another way. Back at the Lupr'or Village, Phasma asks a young Lupr'or girl where she got her necklace from. The girl leads the offworlders to the home of her great grand mother Ali'ane, the oldest living Lupr'or who was born in the stars. Ali'ane tells the First Order travelers that her necklace came from the "old world". When Phasma asks where she can find more, Ali'ane says that is forbidden.

Phasma convinces the girl to tell Ali'ane that Phasma has been sent from the gods to fight the R'ora and Tsw'ells and that they must help her. Ali'ane claims they were destroyed by the ancestors because they were the "soul killer." Later, the girl observes that Phasma is better at climbing rocks than her companion. Phasma tells the girls that she grew up on a World with rocks and that it was a hard life.

For the next several hours, Phasma, TN-3465, the Lupr'or girl, and Dar'en travel over the rocks to the site of an old Lupr'or starship. While Phasma and the Lupr'or child are comfortable with rock climbing, TN-3465 is unused to the physical rigors and grumbles. Upon seeing the ship, TN-3465 asks if everyone should grab an end.

Later, back at the village, BB-K8 mis-translates TN-3465's message telling Da'ren to bring everyone, not just the men. TN-3465 angrily argues with BB-K8 and tells the droid off for incorrectly translating the Lupr'or word for everyone as men. The TIE pilot is startled by Captain Phasma, who has already donned her chromium armor. TN-3465 complies with her captain's orders to get back into her uniform.

Addressing the Lupr'or villagers, Captain Phasma tells them that she has been where they are now. They have come for a different life but it is not sustainable. She warns that they are on the verge of being exterminated by a stronger indigenous species intent on wiping them out. She tells them to use all the resources At their disposal and to become something else including that which they have deliberately left behind. She urges them to take up arms together. Phasma claims that she has been sent to lead them to victory. The Lupr'or chant Phasma's name.

Viewing a holomap generated by BB-K8, Phasma devises a plan which involves attacking the Tsw'ell guarding the R'ora stronghold with electric currents using generators recovered from the abandoned Lupr'or ships. When TN-3465 asks what they will do once they are inside, Phasma says they will deal with the situation when the time comes. She explains that her plan is to limit their casualties so that they will have the best possible numbers to face whatever is beyond the wall. When TN-3465 praised Phasma for her rousing battle speech, Phasma reveals that she is using the Lupr'or as cannon fodder to get through the Tsw'ell–infested lake.

Putting Phasma's plan into action, the Lupr'or release electricity from the generators into the lake, electrocuting the sleeping Tsw'ell sentries. With the monsters dead, the Lupr'or cheer and sail across the lake to the R'ora stronghold. While climbing the wall with her motley army, Phasma experiences a flashback of climbing a cliff-face on Parnassos with Siv, Torben, and Frey. When Phasma calls out Siv's name, TN-3465 asks who Siv was. Phasma tells her that she was someone that she used to know but who is no longer of concern.

She tells TN-3465 to move faster. The pilot grumbles that if she never climbs again, it will be too soon. Reaching the top of the wall, Phasma and TN-3465 find themselves facing an army of fearsome R'ora.



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