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"For the greater glory of the Empire...DESTROY EVERYTHING!"
Imperial briefing officer to TIE pilots.[src]

The capture of Ali Tarrak was the final battle that put an end to the Renegade proliferation of the TIE Defenders, the capture of the Nami leader Ali Tarrak and the conclusion of the New Threats campaign.


Grand Admiral Zaarin was the head of the Empire's Starfighter research and development. His latest creation was the TIE Defender, a fighter with more shields, speed and weaponry then any other straighter ever made. However, after developing both the TIE Defender and Beam weapon system installed onto his fighters. Emperor Palpatine believed that Zaarin would serve him well. Unfortunately Zaarin had been planning a Coup d'état to become the leader of the Empire himself. His attempted kidnapping had failed, thanks to Imperial Ace Maarek Stele, who had served Zaarin in gaining the Hyperdrive Technology.

After destroying all the Empire's TIE Advanced factories in the Omar system. Zaarin focused his attention to his Research platform as there was still TIE Defender technology to loot and destroy to deprive the Empire of any TIE Defenders. However, loyalist forces, with the help of Maarek Stele thwarted his attempts and after the second attempt also failed, Zaarin took up himself to destroy the facility himself in his flagship Glory. However Stele held off Zaarin long enough for two prototypes to be loaded onto a freighter and staff, one of which was the Chief Scientist onto a shuttle G'nabgib. The attempt to bring the prototypes to Admiral Thrawn was not without serious problems. The Chief Scientist was kidnapped by Rneekii Pirates, while a prototype was stolen by Nami raiders lead by Ali Tarrak.

The Empire had rescued the scientist from the Rneekii pirates, only to be tricked into handing the Chief scientist to Zaarin. Zaarin then gave the scientist to Tarrak who decided to proliferate the TIE Defender technology, in particular to the Rebel Alliance and arranged a demonstration to the Rebels to showcase their power. Admiral Thrawn had developed a trump card by developing a new fighter called the Missile Boat and its first two sorties proved it to be useful. After tracking down Tarrak's factory, Thrawn prepared a full scale assault in his Star Destroyer Grey Wolf.

Thrawn had saw in Tarrak a resemblance of himself and convinced Palpatine that she could prove useful, and was ordered to capture Tarrak and bring her to Coruscant so that she be given the opportunity to serve the Emperor.

The BattleEdit

Thrawns TIE Interceptors had engaged Tarrak's T-wings from Pincer Squadron. When Stele launched from the Grey Wolf, Pincer was down to two fighters. Stele engaged SLAM to get past the T-wings and engage the Y-wings that were called Gold Devil Squadron. Afterwards he tried to destroy TIE Defenders from Red Devil Squadron and Blue Devil Squadron but found difficulty as the Mines deployed around the Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Tarrak intercepted the Warheads, before they could reach them.

The Defenders soon launched from the containers, despite not having full shields. Red Devil engaged Stele in a dogfight and was defeated while Blue Devil attempted to attack the Grey Wolf but were intercepted by Stele. After clearing the mines, the Grey Wolf launched TIE Bombers to destroy the Tarrak. The shields soon fell and Tarrak, abandoned the factory with the Chief scientist in a YT-1300 light freighter Dhoora Stele launched missiles at the freighter and Tarrak warned them to "stay back or your precious scientist dies!" but Thrawn called her bluff assuring her that such an action would cause her to die as well. Assault Gunboats were then launched and disabled the freighter then a Stormtrooper Transport Epsilon 1 was launched to board and capture the freighter.

As this was going on a Rebel strike force consisting of X-wings, A-wings, then the Independence with two Strike-class medium cruisers Lonsigar 1 and 2. The Grey Wolf launched TIE Fighters to help Steele as he destroyed both Strike Cruisers and damaged the Independence enough to prompt it to jump to Hyperspace. The area was secure.


The battle was a huge success for the Empire, preventing the potentially uncontrollable proliferation of TIE Defenders to many factions, including, but not limited to the Alliance. Once again, the only TIE Defenders that were a threat to the Empire are the ones under the Command of Zaarin. Thrawn was promoted to Grand Admiral by Palpatine himself and tasked to locate and destroy Zaarin and his loyal command. Thrawn resumed his efforts into tracking down the traitor.

Stele himself was presented the Medal of Horror. He would soon return to duty to help Thrawn hunt down Zaarin.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Well, Mu 1, How does it feel to be a legend?"
Imperial briefing officer[src]

This battle appears in the 1994 Computer game Star Wars TIE Fighter as Battle 10, Combat 6. The battle raises concerns as the cruiser Independence must be destroyed as part of a "Bonus" objective. This article assumes that the Independence has escaped destruction as the ship is depicted in subsequent media, including but not limited to, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance.

The TIE Defender group Blue Devil is seen in game as Blue Devl. This is assumed to be a typo. The Independence also suffers as it is in the game as Independenc, because of issues.


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