The Fourth Battle of DS 5 was the final engagement in the Battle for Honor campaign during the Galactic Civil War.

The battleEdit

With Admiral Harkov trapped aboard the platform DS 5, Imperial forces immediately dispatched Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wings for an all out assault on the station. Gunboats Mu again emerged from hyperspace near DS 5, closely escorted by TIE Avengers from group Alpha. With intent to capture Admiral Harkov, the Imperial Gunboat's primary mission was to disable Platform DS 5, and any fleeing transport craft, while Avengers eliminated any intervening starfighters. Three minutes after Imperial starfighters arrived, Assault transports Omega would join them to disable and capture any remaining craft.

Imperial fighters met Rebel A-wing and B-wing fighters moments after arrival. Dividing their forces, Gunboats and Avengers tackled incoming Rebel fighters while still proceeding onto DS 5. The first transport craft attempting to flee was YT-1300 light freighter Geddawai. Geddawai swiftly met the unrelenting barrage of Ion cannon fire from an Imperial Gunboat. Passing over the disabled Geddawai, Gunboat Mu 2's passive scanners revealed Harkov was onboard. With Geddawai disabled, the shuttle Toten lifted off from the platform, soon followed by transport Kolermigon. Again, Imperial Gunboats diverted, disabling Toten and Kolermigon with extreme prejudice. Shuttle Toten held only a decoy; however fleeing rebels occupied transport Kolermigon, destined to meet Imperial stormtroopers.

Assault Transports Omega arrived right on schedule. With transport craft disabled, Imperial starfighters saw to the remaining Rebel fighters and the class C minefield around the station, further aiding Omega in capturing DS 5. With DS 5 disabled, Imperial-class Star Destroyer Garrett arrived from hyperspace. No sooner had Imperial forces began cycling back to the Garrett to re-supply, than EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Olinor entered the system. Olinor launched Z-95 Headhunters in a last ditch effort to rescue the impending doom of Admiral Harkov. To make matters worse more corvettes from Wurger arrived, soon joined by additional X-wing, B-wing, and A-wing fighters. The rebel force desperately attempted to thwart the capture operation, but to no avail as Assault Transports had already moved into position.

After sustaining heavy damage to her shields, frigate Olinor broke contact from Imperial Star Destroyer Garrett and fled the system, soon followed by corvettes Wurger. Meanwhile, Rebel starfighters lingered in the system, swiftly destroyed by Imperial pilots.


With Harkov in custody, he was brought before Darth Vader aboard the Garrett. After a brief interrogation, the Dark Lord of the Sith executed him for treason.


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