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"During our attack on the Mugaari/Rebel weapons area, the Rebels launched a raid on Outpost-D34."
―Imperial briefing officer.[src]

The Capture of Outpost D-34 was a battle fought during the Galactic Civil War. While a strike force, consisting of the frigate Fogger, was attacking the Mugaari cargo loading area in the Tungra sector, the Rebel Alliance launched an attack on Outpost D-34 and was able to capture it.

The BattleEdit

The details of the battle was unknown but it was said that Outpost D-34 had put up a valiant fight despite falling to the Rebels.


"It fell to the Rebels, despite a valiant fight."
Imperial briefing officer.[src]

With the outpost captured the rebels began looting it for equipment. However their foothold on it would not last for long as the strike force returned to recapture the base.

This event also attracted the attention of the Secret Order as the most disturbing element was that the Rebels had timed this attack while the bulk of Imperials forces were engaged in another sector. They believed that this was no coincidence.

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