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In 5 ABY, the Imperial Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde was captured by a team of New Republic hunters led by Norra Wexley. Gedde sought refuge with the Vorlaggn crime lord Slussen Canker. Norra and her team infiltrated Slussen Canker's palace on Vorlag but were captured by Slussen and his henchmen. The bounty hunter Jas Emari pretended to betray her team but attached a key to the neck of a hroth-beast. While Norra and her team freed themselves from the dungeon, Norra overpowered and restrained the drugged Perwin Gedde, who was addicted to spice. They then managed to escape Vorlag on the SS-54 assault ship Halo, which was piloted by Norra's son Temmin Wexley. Despite their efforts, Gedde died in transit since he had been poisoned by the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift in order to prevent him from divulging the Empire's secrets to the New Republic.


Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde was a senior Imperial Navy officer who was in charge of a biological weapons program that facilitated the mass poisoning of several worlds and the deaths of many people. Due to his crimes, he was placed on the New Republic's wanted list of Imperial fugitives following the Battle of Endor. Seeking to escape capture, the former Vice Admiral Gedde sought refuge at the Vorlaggn crime lord and slaver Slussen Canker's palace on the planet Vorlag. In the process, he absconded with a considerable amount of credits.[1]

Slussen Canker kept him comfortable in his volcano-top fortress by servicing him with slaves and supplying him with spice. Canker's castle was well defended by a front gate, two hroth-beasts, two phase-turrets, a pair of guards, and a portcullis made of crisscrossing lasers.[1]

The mission[]

The apparent betrayal[]

In 5 ABY,[2] the New Republic dispatched the starfighter pilot Norra Wexley and her team including the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, the bounty hunter Jas Emari, and the New Republic Special Forces soldier Jom Barell to kidnap the former Vice Admiral and exfiltrate him to Chandrila for justice. While Norra's teenage son Temmin Wexley and his B1-series battle droid Mister Bones waited aboard Emari's ship Halo to fly the getaway transport, Norra and her team traveled to Slussen's palace using a grav-raft to navigate through the planet's stone spires.[1]

The group managed to gain access to the palace using a mountain breach, which served as Slussen Canker's hroth-beast feeding room. There, they were met by Jas who had arrived several days earlier to disable the crackling laser portcullis. After navigating their way through the feeding room, the New Republic operatives found that the laser portcullis had been reactivated, cutting off their escape. Norra and her team were then ambushed by Slussen and his henchmen. When Slussen demanded to know their business, Sinjir told him that they had come for Gedde and offered to leave in peace if he would hand him the former Vice Admiral.[1]

Slussen rejected their demands. Shortly later, Gedde himself emerged with a captive Jas and threatened to kill her if Norra and her team did not lay down their arms. The hunters reluctantly surrendered to Slussen and his henchmen. Jom wanted to fight their captors but Sinjir convinced him that they were outgunned. Jas then revealed that she had double-crossed her team by collecting an Imperial bounty on Norra and her comrades. Jas was heavily in debt and had accepted both the New Republic and Gedde's job offers in an attempt to pay her creditors back.[1]


Unknown to Slussen and Gedde, Jas was secretly planning to double-cross them in order to free her New Republic comrades while making money at the same time. Jas managed to send subtle body signals to Sinjir to indicate that she had not betrayed them but was deceiving Slussen and Gedde. Norra and her team were locked in cages above the hroth-beasts' feeding room. The hunters were harassed by the beasts, which devoured meat. With much difficulty, Sinjir managed to extract a metal key that was wrapped around the neck of one one of the hroth-beasts.[1]

Sinjir then managed to free himself and his fellow operatives. After disabling the laser portcullis, the hunters managed to fight off Slussen's guards by hurling chunks of meat at them; causing the hroth-beasts to attack them. Norra and her team then crept through a lava tube which led to Perwin Gedde's quarters. There, Norra found that Jas had captured and restrained Gedde using bed sheets. Before Slussen's guards could catch up with them, Norra and her team were picked up by Temmin and Mister Bones aboard the Halo.[1]

The Halo was pursued by an Imperial shuttle and three TIE fighters but Temmin managed to shoot them down. He also blasted a nearby tower, destroying two of the TIE fighters. After escaping the Imperial fighters, the Halo flew into the atmosphere above Vorlag and then jumped into hyperspace.[1]


While traveling back to Chandrila aboard the Halo, Norra, Sinjir, and Jom confronted Jas Emari for not telling them about her plan on Vorlag. Jas defended herself by claiming that the ruse had been necessary to help her pay off her debts. Temmin also revealed that he had been privy to Jas Emari's triple-cross plan. Following a fiery argument between Jom and Jas, the two reconciled and fell in love. After returning to Chandrila, Norra, Jom, and Jas discovered that Gedde had succumbed to kytrogorgia poisoning. While meeting with the New Republic captain Wedge Antilles, Norra and Jas voiced their suspicion that Gedde had been murdered. Later, it was disclosed that the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift had murdered Gedde under orders from the Imperial Grand Admiral Rae Sloane to prevent him from disclosing secrets to his New Republic captors.[1]

Behinds the scenes[]

The Capture of Perwin Gedde first appeared in Chuck Wendig's 2016 novel Aftermath: Life Debt, the second installment in Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy.


Notes and references[]

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