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In 4 ABY, Rowan Freemaker was captured by Darth Vader. After the Freemakers completed the quest to build the Arrowhead starship, the Rebel Alliance used the ship to inflict damage on Imperial forces.

In response, the Emperor Palpatine tasked Darth Vader and the Imperial hunter droid M-OC with hunting down and capturing Rowan. M-OC managed to lure Rowan into a trap on the planet Qalydon. However, M-OC's victory was stolen by Darth Vader, who disintegrated the hunter droid and took Rowan to the Emperor.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

After the Freemakers joined the Rebel Alliance, Rowan Freemaker received a Force vision to build a powerful ship called the Arrowhead which Quarrie believed could turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War.[3] After building the Arrowhead, the Freemakers used the ship to save the rebel fleet from the Imperial Navy. The grateful rebel leadership promoted the Freemakers and treated them as heroes.[4]

Working with the Alliance, the Freemakers used the Arrowhead to destroy several AT-AT and AT-ST walkers on the planet Kashyyyk. Gaining favor with the Alliance leadership, Rowan's older brother Zander was invited to join Lieutenant Valeria's Blue Squadron while his older sister Kordi Freemaker was promoted to the Alliance's Strategy Council. Kordi and Zander would play an important role in a devastating raid on an Imperial fleet near Alzoc III.[1]

Despite the Freemakers' and Rebel Alliance's good fortunes, Rowan Freemaker grew bored by the lack of action. Meanwhile, the Emperor tasked his second in command Darth Vader and the Imperial hunter droid M-OC with capturing Rowan and the Arrowhead, and recovering the Kyber Saber. Knowing about Rowan's friendship with the Lurmen girl Maynar, M-OC came up with a plan to lure Rowan to the planet Qalydon by impersonating her and claiming that she was in trouble. Falling for the ruse, Rowan traveled to Qalydon with the reluctant B1-series battle droid Roger without alerting his family.[1]

The trap[edit | edit source]

Rowan and Roger traveled to Qalydon aboard the Freemakers' ship StarScavenger. Despite Roger's warnings, Rowan decided to proceed with the mission. Rowan tracked "Maynar's" signal to an Imperial base. While Roger disarmed the two stormtroopers guarding the base, Rowan ventured inside only to discover that "Maynar" was a hologram projection created by the "invisible M-OC.[1]

M-OC and Rowan engaged in a lightsaber duel but M-OC quickly gained the upper hand since he was able to learn Rowan's moves from previous encounters. Rowan managed to break free by using the Force to hurl objects at M-OC. Rowan fled through the base's corridors but found the blast doors shut. Meanwhile, M-OC's rival Darth Vader arrived and sliced Roger across the legs, disabling the droid.[1]

M-OC cornered Rowan in a store room full of crates but Rowan fought back and tried to ambush him. However, he was outmatched by the hunter droid. Before M-OC could take Rowan into custody, he was interrupted by Darth Vader who used the Force to hurl M-OC around and to disintegrate the droid. After beheading M-OC, Lord Vader took Rowan into custody and departed aboard his Lambda-class shuttle.[1]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Despite being separated from his legs, Roger managed to fly the StarScavenger back to the rebel flagship Home One and warn Zander and Kordi that their brother had been kidnapped.[1]

Meanwhile, Lord Vader brought Rowan back to the Emperor. Though Rowan revealed that he had seemingly destroyed the Kyber Saber, Vader managed to convince the Emperor to use Rowan to help them find more kyber crystalS for the second Death Star.[2]

Zander, Kordi and Roger embarked on a mission to rescue Rowan from the Empire. They used the Arrowhead to fight their way to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant where Roger was being held. Despite rescuing their brother, the Freemakers lost the Arrowhead to M-OC, who had managed to rebuild himself.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Capture of Rowan Freemaker first appeared in the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season Two episode "A Perilous Rescue", which premiered on August 10, 2017 on Disney XD.[1]

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