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During the Operation Skyhook, the Death Star design team was captured by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


The Imperial military advisors captured in the Corellian system were unable to provide many details of the Death Star Project except that the design team was lead by Bevel Lemelisk. They also knew that part of his team had recently traveled to Coruscant to meet with Grand Moff Tarkin. The Alliance High Command decided to capture the design team. Although the loss of the design team couldn't slow the progress on the Death Star, their capture might have helped the rebellion interpret the technical readouts en route with Princess Leia Organa.

The battle[]

Part of the Death Star design team was on their way to a rendezvous with the Star Destroyer Immortal in the corvette Godar.

While Blue Squadron's X-wings engaged the Gunboat and TIE escorts, Farlander's Y-wing disabled the Godar. A shuttle arrived in the system as soon as the corvette was disabled and boarded the corvette. With them was a squad of stormtroopers holding them as virtual prisoners. Rescue 1 captured the personnel and fled into hyperspace.



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