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"I'm not a slaver. I'm here to free these people."
Bria Tharen[src]

The capture of the Helot's Shackle was a Rebel Alliance mission to liberate slaves being transported from the Besadii Hutt planet Ylesia aboard the CR90 corvette Helot's Shackle. Assembling outside the Ylesia system, Red Hand Squadron, under the command of Bria Tharen and comprising the Marauder-class corvette Retribution and the Y-wing starfighters of Crimson Fury, jumped into the system after a Rebel operative signaled that the Helot's Shackle had departed Ylesia and launched their attack. When the target ship was disabled, the Rebels boarded it and took control, killing many of the slaver crew in the process. Tharen had the wounded slavers executed before taking the captured vessel to rendezvous with the Rebel ship Deliverance to transfer the freed slaves, many of whom subsequently volunteered to join the Alliance. The Helot's Shackle itself was refitted to serve as a Rebel combat ship and Tharen renamed the ship Emancipator.[1]



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