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In 1 BBY, several weeks before the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance to Restore the Republic captured the Imperial BFF-1 bulk freighter Sidral II.


After learning that the Empire was building the Death Star, a battlestation capable of destroying a planet, the Alliance attempted to discover which contractors were involved in its construction.[3]

The battleEdit

As part of this operation the Mon Calamari privateer Tuz helped to capture the Sidral II[5] while it transported a cargo of military hardware,[3] including timers and fusion shells.[5] The Alliance dispatched the CR90 corvette Frazier to rendezvous with the freighter and transfer its cargo. The operation was interrupted by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Immortal, but the Rebel forces were able to complete the transfer before escaping to hyperspace.[3]


Part of the stolen shipment had passed through an Imperial repair dock near Coruscant, the Imperial capital. Alliance High Command decided to launch an attack on the facility in the hopes of crippling the infrastructure that was servicing ships working on the Death Star.[3]



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