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The capture of the Tampion was a short-lived engagement between the forces of the New Republic and those of the Yevethan Duskhan League.



Commodore Han Solo was being brought to the Fifth Fleet to take command. Solo was on the shuttle Tampion with Captain Sreas and Lieutenant Barth as crew. The shuttle was escorted by 8 recon-Xs.

The battleEdit

En route to the New Republic fleet, a Yevetha fleet appeared, used ion blasts on the escorts and kidnapped Commodore Solo and the crew of the shuttle. During the boarding, Captain Sreas was killed by a blaster shot. The fleet left the escorts, such as Plat Mallar, so they would know their failure in not protecting the Commodore, and tell the New Republic that Han Solo had been captured.


Solo, Barth, and Captain Sreas's body were then taken to N'zoth as prisoners. Later, Nil Spaar killed Barth, finding him weak, and had Solo brought to the Pride of Yevetha. Solo's command position was filled by Commodore Perry.


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