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A weapon was used by the Lizard Warriors of the Forest Moon of Endor to capture beings that trespassed on their domain. In 3 ABY, these weapons were used to captured the Ewoks Teebo and Wicket W. Warrick.


The Lizard Warriors, a sentient species of the Forest Moon of Endor, used a weapon that consisted of a long, thin, wooden stick with a rope attached to capture beings that intruded into the reptilians' territory, the Valley of the Lizard Warriors. The rope, looped around the stick, was used to snag the interloper and keep him or her from escaping. Each capturing stick was unique, so the length varied from one to another. Nevertheless, the stick was a relatively close-range weapon that worked well during an ambush. Once the enemy was snagged, the rope pulled tight around his or her body, so the weapon's user then was able to control the captive, forcing a march, for example.[1]


In 3 ABY,[2] the Lizard Warriors captured the Ewoks Teebo and Wicket W. Warrick, who had wandered into the Valley of the Lizard Warriors. The reptilians then marched the Ewoks to meet Graak, an outcast Ewok and the leader of the Lizard Warriors.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The weapon appeared in Ewoks 4, the fourth issue of the Ewoks comic series, which was written by David Manak, illustrated by Warren Kremer,[1] and published on November 1, 1985.[3]


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