Caraxl was an astronomical object located within the Cassander sector, a part of the Trans-Hydian Borderlands region. During the Cold War between the Resistance,[1] a small private military force created by the New Republic senator Leia Organa;[2] and the First Order,[1] the successor of the Galactic Empire;[3] a group of pirates backed by the First Order started to raid Caraxl and other locations in the Cassander sector.[1]

Around 34 ABY,[4] the Resistance sent a group of bombers and A-wing starfighters to stop both the pirates' and First Order's plans of taking control of the sector. Three days after the Resistance's mission to Mamkoda, Resistance bombers tried to deliver supplies to Caraxl. After Resistance pilot Tallissan Lintra reported that First Order TIE fighters were on an intercept course to their position, the bombers had to abort the mission due to orders of avoiding any confrontation with the First Order that could cause problems in the New Republic Senate.[1]

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Caraxl was first mentioned in the 2017 canon replica journal book The Last Jedi: Bomber Command, written by Jason Fry.[1]

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